Bucket Panels

Log Book Service & Mechanical Repairs

What is a Log Book Service?

A log book service is the maintenance of your vehicle following the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Your vehicle maintenance log book provides the repairers with the necessary specific information outlining your vehicle’s unique service requirements.

The best way to maintain your vehicle is to send your car in for regular inspections and minor repairs to ensure that it is constantly running smoothly. Regular vehicle maintenance is also beneficial in preventing small issues that can turn into more severe, and ultimately more costly, damages down the line if not attended to.

OEM Standard Servicing

You don’t need to send your car to the vehicle’s original franchise dealer in order to receive a log book service. We are equipped and accredited to service your vehicle to the standard of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Our servicing utilises the latest diagnostic tools and software to increase the accuracy and quality of vehicle fault problem finding and routine servicing. Our professional mechanical team is accredited and trained to service all vehicle models, including domestic and international vehicle models.

We can assure you that all safety checks, repairs and overall standard servicing procedures are executed exactly as intended by your vehicle’s original manufacturer.


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