Health & Safety Policy


Bucket Panels adheres to the highest level of health and safety practice for every Bucket Panels employee and work place.

All individuals of Bucket Panels demonstrate a personal commitment to take ownership for the safety, health and welfare of themselves and their work mates.

Bucket Panels drives the behaviours, attitudes and actions required of all individuals within the business to follow Bucket Panels Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan to achieve a working environment that is free from injury or incident.

Bucket Panels policies and procedures regarding health and safety practice best describes the activities and processes established to ensure the safety of employees, subcontractors, customers, visitors and employees of the client.


The objectives of Bucket Panels are:

a) Providing and maintaining a safe working environment.

b) Ensure that all employees have an understanding of the General Duty of Care and the duties and responsibilities laid down in the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations. Refer to the OH&S Regulations & Act PART 111 – GENERAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH 19. These provisions clearly identify in the Organisation who is the employer and who is the employer's representative in respect to Occupational Safety and Health Management.

c) Providing guidelines for Safety & Health Policy.

d) Preventing injuries to persons and damage to property at the workplace.

e) Providing guidelines for the development of safe working practices.

f) Setting Occupational Safety & Health performance objectives.

g) Describing methods of hazard identification and control.

d) Defining Occupational Health & Safety rules.

These guidelines have been developed around four key elements, i.e.

  • Management Commitment.
  • Consultation
  • Hazard Management.
  • Training